University Tower Electrical System Upgrade

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University Tower Electrical System Upgrade
Nebraska Medicine
Omaha, Nebraska

The electrical distribution system was completely modified beginning at the Central Utility Plant all the way to the branch distribution on each floor. KTECH led the communication and coordination efforts, which was extremely important during the course of the project. KTECH created value through a streamlined approach with the communication and coordination that involved members of the executive team, clinical departments, safety, infectious control, nurse managers, contractors, engineers, architects, and facilities personnel. The entire effort created a new and compliant electrical distribution system, connection and distribution to the circuits on each floor, while removing the old system from the building. The project was successfully accomplished in a wholly occupied and functioning facility, without any operational problems to the facility or disturbances to patients and staff. KTECH provided real time responses that mitigated the risk of any impact to the 220 Bed Tower.


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